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Our global, multi-disciplinary DE&I team includes benefits and wellbeing strategy and compliance leaders, medical doctors who specialize in health equity, and innovative communicators. We are women-and-minority owned, and adept at addressing issues around social determinants of health and wealth. 


We take accountability in our role to realize the brighter future we seek

Nelu was founded by three Nigerian-American sisters, raised by a single-mother in rural Central Florida. Trained in law and medicine at top institutions in the United States and Europe and with leadership experience at companies like Boeing, Nelu's founders are keenly aware of the impact race, gender, culture and socio-economic background can have on one’s interactions with health and financial systems. Today, with offices in the United States and Europe, Nelu brings together a diverse and multi-disciplinary team with a view across the globe.

The importance of a diverse perspective


We all have blind spots - as we all come from different communities and have different cultures and life experiences. One of the great benefits of diversity is that it offers multiple lenses through which to see, understand and communicate. Diversifying your perspective extends your reach and increases your ability to impact the lives of your participants and their families in meaningful ways. 

The key to diversifying your perspective is diversifying your teams, your consultants and your vendors.  Whether through us or another avenue, we hope you will make efforts to ensure those designing and communicating your benefit plans and programs reflect your participant populations — or the diversity you would like to see in your participant populations. 

We are grateful to do the work alongside companies devoted to DE&I - together, we can

“I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to carry Nelu forward – staying focused on our vision. As a company, we have been invested in addressing health and wealth disparities for many years, and we are happy to see our unique expertise recognized. As CEO, I’m most grateful to be in a position that young Black girls can see themselves in – that truly makes me proud.”

Uche Enemchukwu, Esq.
Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer


Couple with Daughter
Person graphic icon, Nelu operates with Empathy

We consider the human impact of everything we do—we act with empathy.

Building Graphic Icon, Nelu builds equitable & inclusive systems

We proactively overcome bias by building equitable and inclusive systems and processes.

Puzzle graphic icon, Nelu evaluates DE&I

We evaluate equity and inclusion beyond age, race, and gender identity.

Hand with money graphic icon, Nelu supports women & minority owned businesses

We invest in local, women-and-minority-owned businesses whenever possible. What is good for us is good for our community.

Person head with a heart, Nelu makes employees feel valued

We create "aha" moments for employees. We want them to feel seen, heard, and valued—and get as psyched about benefits as we do.

Lotus graphic icon, Nelu prioritizes wellness

We prioritize wellness for ourselves and our staff—we practice what we preach.

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