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Advocacy & Navigation 

To make your benefits accessible

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We identified pain points in the benefits navigation experience, and did something about it.


Nelu's web and mobile-based solution for benefits navigation offers personalized advocacy and support, targeting proven barriers to benefits access and utilization. Our comprehensive solution combines the innovation of AI and the value of human interaction to help employees easily access, understand, and utilize their benefits in the most effective ways.

In the U.K., men can hold up to three times more median retirement savings than women.
Racial and ethnic health disparities cost the U.S. $93 billion in excess medical care costs, and $42 billion in lowered productivity each year.
The real costs of health and savings disparities
LGBTQ+ individuals more commonly report being in fair or poor health and report higher rates of ongoing health conditions, disability or chronic disease.
Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian, and LGBTQ+ individuals are less likely to stay with their employer or recommend their employer to friends based on benefits.
In the U.K., Black and Asian women are four times and two times more likely to die in pregnancy and childbirth.
In the U.S., among retirees at age 65+, women on average receive 33.7% less retirement income compared to the average man.
In the U.K, among retirees at age 60+, individuals with disabilities have £47,980 average pension wealth, compared to the average of £130,928.


Provide personalized solutions to enhance engagement and wellness for all.

Nelu offers a smart and innovative solution to ensure employees feels seen, heard, and appreciated throughout the benefits navigation experience. Our flexible navigation tool is tailored to individual preferences, life circumstances, and demographic considerations.

Nelu supports employers' efforts to better engage all employees, including those who may have unique barriers to achieving wellbeing. We offer accessible resources to guide employees on their journey toward health and financial literacy. Our team of advisors are trained to provide culturally-conscious advocacy that goes beyond traditional "one-size-fits-all" navigation assistance.

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Reduce barriers
and promote inclusivity.

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Leverage data-driven insights to work smarter, not harder.


Nelu's automated feedback loop enables you to transform actionable insights into measurable impact that meets your goals -- all while keeping your data secure.

Nelu's automated solutions empower your team to get back to doing what matters most. Our multicomponent solution enables you to transform a fragmented benefits experience to a personalized, flexible ecosystem designed around the unique needs of your employees. 

Optimize resources; 
achieve quick wins.



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