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Enhancing inclusion is everyone's responsibility.

In the benefits space,

it's our expertise.




translates to "higher" in Igbo, a language native to Nigeria. We aspire toward a future in which all employees can achieve health and financial wellbeing, no matter who they are. We achieve this one company at a time. 


means one size does not fit all. We go beyond the traditional consulting approach to provide tailored solutions powered by diverse perspectives and backed by data.


work best when they're sustainable. We do not administer benefits, which enables us to look objectively at your designs, communications, and processes. 

We see the future of benefits.

It is a future in which programs and communications allow all participants to access and achieve health and financial wellbeing, no matter who they are.

What our clients are saying

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"Nelu is EXACTLY the missing link between what I want and what the big benefits providers are able to do."


- Benefits Director | Fortune 500 

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"Nelu's leaders created a more inclusive environment for the LGBTQ+ community at our company. The intentional focus they brought to their work on building greater visibility, cultural understanding, and acceptance made all the difference. Thanks to them, our voices were heard and our members felt seen.

- President | Fortune 500 Pride ERG

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"Thank you for leading the way."

- A national benefits trade association

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